Guidelines Objection


In order to ensure that Objection Forms are processed accurately, objectors are required to:-

a) Complete this document with all information available to the objector, in NEAT, LEGIBLE HANDWRITING. Failure to do could result in the inability to process your objection. Where the information requested does not pertain to the Objector, please insert the symbol” N/A” in the appropriate space.

b) Objectors are advised that only ORIGINAL copies of this document shall be processed.

c) Only documents with complete objector’s (Section 1) and property details (Section 2), together with a completed “OBJECTION DETAILS” and signed “DECLARATION” section, will be accepted and processed.

d) Any alterations made by the Objector must be initialed.

e) All Objections forms will be collated during the Objection and Inspection Period and handed to the Municipal Valuer for further processing. Any additional information must be in the form of an Annexure.

f) The Objector must contend a valuation figure that he/she believes is more accurate, and must provide a motivation.

g) The Municipal Valuer will review the Market Value and/or other Valuation Roll Details, in the light of any additional information provided. Objectors will be notified of the outcome of their objection timeously. Should an objector not be satisfied with the outcome, he/she may appeal. Your appeal will be heard by the Valuation Appeal Board, which is a tribunal appointed by the Provincial Government.

h) Details regarding the appeal requirements and process will be provided to the objector together with the outcome of his/her objection.

i) Objection forms must be handed in at the Musina Civic Centre, Irwin street, Musina, 0900 not later than 6 March 2015

) For further information please contact Rika Le Roux at Direct line: 015 - 534 6107

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